4th August 2013

A friend recently received a Pebble watch. Pebble is part of a new generation of watches with dynamic displays on them powered by small LCDs. It reminds me of an old Nokia phone.

But what makes the Pebble unique and exciting is that it's programmable and connects to your phone. You can design custom watch faces which may display the time, emails or message notifications or just fun experiments.

The example you see above is one such custom watch face. Look at it, it's amazing!

I still prefer my traditional watch so i'm going to wait it out for now. The technology is going to get exponentially better so it will be a pretty interesting space in the near future.


14th July 2013

A month ago my family handed me a soft parcel covered with wrapping paper for my birthday. With a puzzled feeling, I unwrapped it.

One look at what was inside and I started grinning, it was a jumper and t-shirt with a :D emblazoned on the fronts.

it was always something I had wanted to do, but hadn't spent the time looking into it, an awesome gift.

Pumpkin Soup

9th June 2013

Now that the colder weather has well and truly arrived here in Sydney, it's been the perfect time to make lots of stews, roasts and soups.

One thing i've been absolutely loving is pumpkin soup, so much so i've made it 3 weeks in a row now, adjusting it each time in order to get the ideal recipe.

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